The leading experts in relocating clients from the North East to sunny South Florida.  


Whether you’re a first time buyer or looking to sell your home – we have the resources and knowledge to be the best partner for you.


We have lasting relationships with local South Florida builders and stay current on under construction projects.


We have a team that works with investors on residential and multi family units. South florida attracts the savoy investor who understands the potential tax savings and ROI.

Founded In NYC

Founded by Oscar Ruiz Jr., a NYC native, with 15+ years of reality experience Snow To Sun was created based on the need to create a reality brokerage that could keep up with the NY style and work ethic. Now located in South Florida we have spent 5 years studying south Florida and becoming the leading expert in our market.

We understand our north east clients are unique and demand fast honest answers so our approach mirrors that fast paced no B.S. mentality. We provide straight, clear and honest answers at a NY pace. Maintaining confidentiality of our high profile clients.


Our Mission

At Snow to Sun Real Estate we believe you should have a partner who will treat you like family. That's why we made it our mission to be a trusted partner between the North East and the South East where you can find that piece of the sun. We’ll help you achieve any real estate goal you have.


We look forward to answering any questions you have.
Our passion is meeting people and building relationships.


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